December 19, 2019

I am the first to admit – I am a personality quiz-junkie. 

That is why I have been obsessing over the recent popularity of the Enneagram Personality Types.

Click here for a great enneagram quiz to learn your type!

Many of you may have the question…

How Was The Enneagram Developed? 

I’m glad you asked! 

It was originally derived from the teachings of Oscar Ichazo who created the Arica School in the 1960s to share the teachings he learned during his travels in Asia. He focused heavily on self-realization and combined the study of the stars, metaphysics, psychology, spirituality and more. 

Ichanzo’s school and teachings were vast. The main feature his students talked about was the ancient Enneagram, a symbol that can be traced back alongside Pythagoras’ teachings. 

The modern world can thank Goerge Gurdjieff, the founder of an inner-work school, for its introduction. He used this symbol as a way to understand the ego structure of a person and a way for us to define ourselves. 

Now that you know all about Enneagrams, below you will find the best entertainment option for your type! Whether you are planning a wedding, corporate event, or birthday party – here are the entertainment options for you! Plus, a bonus secondary option to consider.


One | The Reformer 

You want exactly what you want exactly when you want it! No excuses! You have a very high standard for any individual you work with. That is why a DJ is perfect. You have more control with a DJ and can hear exactly what you want WHEN you want it! 

Runner up?

A DJ/Live Music Combo like Kinetik Sounds. With this ultimate mash-up, you have the best of both worlds! Live music to soothe your soul with the control of a DJ. 

Two | The Helper 

You are the ultimate host/hostess! Your generous, friendly nature makes you a perfect entertainer. Expressing your love for others is a key motivation of yours. That is why perfect entertainment is a Cigar Roller or Caricature Artist. These offer a favor at the end of their performance that your guests can keep forever. 

Runner up?



Three | The Achiever

Your energy is infectious! You are ambitious and driven by success. You tend to be coined “The Charmer” and thrive in environments where you can motivate and interact with others. A large party band is your JAM! Not only can you rock out alongside the band, but you can grab the mic to pump up the crowd. 

Runner up?

Small party band! You need that party band, Achiever!


Four |  The Individualist

Due to your sensitive and introspective nature, you can sometimes feel self-conscious. Low-key entertainment that is beautiful and chic is right up your alley. Your perfect entertainment is a string ensemble! These instruments aren’t in-your-face or gaudy but still hold their own among musicians. 

Runner up?

A jazz band! Feeling funky? Add a vocalist!


Five | The Investigator 

Isolation if your favorite place. You love to work independently and be left alone with your own thoughts. Your major motivation is to possess knowledge. Therefore, a Magician or Comedian would be perfect for you! Your problem-solving nature is perfect to try and dissect what’s happening on stage.

Runner up?

A Comedy Magician! See what I did there? 

Six | The Loyalist 

Your commitment and reliability set you apart from the flaky rest! You have a rebellious nature and can oftentimes see problems and find solutions before others even know something’s going on. It is often important for you to seek support and guidance from others therefore a DJ/Party Band combo is perfect for you! The excitement that the party band will deliver a stellar interactive show, but the security of a DJ that will keep the crowd pumped and play alongside the band. 

Runner up?

A dance troupe with a DJ element!


Seven | The Enthusiast

Your spontaneous nature is wonderful, but can sometimes leave you feeling scattered. Your basic desire is to be content and your motivation derives from the feeling of freedom! FOMO is a very real thing in your life. The best entertainment option for you is a brass band. Because they are mobile they match your free nature and can perform anywhere!

Runner up?

Medium-sized party band. They do all the work – you just show up and dance!


Eight | The Challenger

Self-confidence comes naturally to you! You are decisive and powerful. You also have a confrontational streak! For that reason, Dueling Pianos are a perfect entertainment option for you! The back and forth along with the control of being able to request songs speak to you. 

Runner up?

Steel Pan Drummers! Their back and forth mimic dueling pianos. 

Nine | The Peacemaker

You are a creative individual that enjoys creating a harmonious environment. Avoiding conflict helps to remove the anxiety that can creep in your mind. A solo performer, like a harpist or guitarist, is perfect for you. The calming nature of these instruments will help create a peaceful atmosphere that you enjoy so much! 

Runner up?

A small party band – if you must party, opt for a 5 or 6 piece. 

So, how close did we get!?

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