Booking Your Entertainment

I’m interested in booking entertainment. How do I get started?

Congratulations on your upcoming celebration and being ready to book your entertainment! There are several ways to get started:

Call the office: 678-402-6041
Email Us:
Or fill out an inquiry form on our site!

How far in advance should I book a band/DJ/Other Entertainment?

Quality entertainment options are often booked out for up to 16 months.

For Weddings, the most popular months are June through October, with the two middle Saturdays being prime slots. Other private functions, such as Family Reunions, etc., are also heavily scheduled in the same months. The Holidays are often a very busy time as well for corporate, civic and non-profit celebratory events.

Your best bet, try to book your entertainment 8-12 months in advance if you would like to ensure that the entertainment option of your choice is available.

Why should I hire through KLF?

KLF Pro Entertainment has been in business since 2002. We work very hard to meet our clients expectations of excellence. The Company has never had less than a Five Star Review from its customers and event attendees. Our repeat customer base is solid. We accredit that to the fact that from the company’s inception to present, KLF Pro Entertainment commits to each client to Create Unforgettable Magical Moments at their event, to consistently provide Outstanding Customer Service, Top-Notch Professionalism and Epic Entertainment. We take our clients vision for the entertainment piece of their event and turn it into a reality. Hiring KLF Pro Entertainment will ensure that your guests will fondly remember your event for years to come.

How much do bands cost? How much does other entertainment cost?

Band and other event entertainment options have a wide range of costs. Your entertainment options could fall in various price ranges, based on your available budget:

  • under 1000
  • 1000-3000
  • 3000-6000
  • 6000-10000
  • Over 10k

The important thing is to let your representative at KLF Pro Entertainment know exactly what you want to spend to bring your vision to fruition so that you are offered viable options within your budget.

What does the band fee include?

  • Travel expenses to and from the event
  • Sound equipment and standard lighting equipment
  • If you opt for a 4 hour entertainment, then you can choose from two options:
    • 1 hour and 40 minute set with a 20 minute wardrobe change break and a solid 2 hour party set
    • One hour of music digitally followed by a slamming 3 hour set
  • Free Emcee services
  • Break music
  • 2 sound team techs to ensure quality sound and presentation throughout the night
  • Dedicated detail driven professional and friendly administrative staff to handle your event details seamlessly
  • Choice of songs from extensive song lists

When will I hear from the band/my entertainment?

After you complete the booking process, our office will reach out 60 days before your event and ask you to complete our event questionnaire/wedding questionnaire and work with you to ensure we seamlessly put together all your details for your event. On the week of your event, you will be sent an event confirmation that will include the band leader’s contact information for the day of.

Where can I find the band song list?

The song list for each band is downloadable from their individual pages in the Exclusive Bands section of our website.

How Far Will KLF Bands Travel?

Our bands are based in Atlanta but will and have traveled both nationally and internationally.

Does a KLF band provide all their instruments and sound equipment?

Yes. In some cases the venue provides the sound equipment, in which case, our staff coordinate for seamless sound.

Does a KLF band provide lighting?


Will a KLF band learn a song that’s not on their list?

Yes. The band will learn one song that is not on their song list at no additional charge.

If more than one song is desired that is not on the band’s Song List, that is doable as well, for an additional charge.

Does a KLF band MC my event?

Yes, all of our bands provide complimentary MC services!

What will a KLF band wear to my event?

Clients are given a choice of band attire. It is part of the event questionnaire each client receives when they choose KLF Pro Entertainment. We can send you photos of the band’s several looks for you to view.

Does KLF work with other bands/entertainment?

KLF Pro Entertainment works with many other types of entertainment. We book:

Prepping for Your Event

How long should I have the band play for?

Through our years of experience, we have determined two performance options that work best with most events:

  1. 1 hour and 40 minute set with a 20 minute break and a 2 hour party set
  2. One hour of music digitally followed by a 3 hour set

However, we know each event is different and unique and we realize this timeline may not work at all events. We will work with you and your schedule and make recommendations to fit your needs.

How do I choose what music will be played by the band?

On our KLF Pro Entertainment Event Questionnaire (or on our KLF Pro Entertainment Wedding Questionnaire), you will be asked to provide your musical preferences and/or top favorite songs from the band’s song list. Our band takes your event vision and musical preferences into account when creating their playlist. Our bands are experts at choosing the right songs at the right time in the night, so don’t worry about putting together a full playlist! Your vision and preferences will give them all the direction they need to “Create Unforgettable Magical Moments” at your event!

In addition, any KLF Exclusive band will learn any ONE song not on their song list at no additional cost to you. (Requests must be submitted 30 days in advance.)

How much power does the band need?

Ideally, four 20AMP power sources are needed within 25 feet of the performance area/stage.

Do I need a stage for my event?

For ultimate entertainment enjoy-ability, we recommend you have staging. Sometimes this is supplied through the event venue, but we can include a stage in the price of the band upon request. If there is no stage, there needs to be at least a hard, dry, level, flat surface for the performers to perform on.

Should I tip the band/entertainment?

Nothing says a job well done quite like a nice tip! Gratuity is not included in your purchase price. Tips or gratuities to KLF performers is 100% optional and at the purchaser’s discretion. Gratuity payments can be made at the end of your event to the main performer contact/band leader, or you can send a request for a gratuity invoice to our office manager after the event. If our performer(s) “Created Unforgettable Magical Moments” for you, the suggested gratuity amount is $50-100 per performer.

Does the band carry insurance?

KLF warrants and represents that it has contract and liability insurance coverage in the amount of $1,000,000.00.

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