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Energetic Entertainment:
The musical component is indeed the foundation to any event. Our acts come to each and every event
ready to party! They love to keep the dance floor full for the perfect event entertainment. All bands
have a set list for geared for the specific event. So whether you want a nice dinner set or a rocking party,
we meet any and all event entertainment ideas. The vision is yours and we want to ensure to “Create
Unforgettable Magical Moments” no matter the occasion.

Emcee Services:
Give your event direction and flow with an awesome Emcee to make announcements, host, or be a
crowd “Hype- Man”. Emcee services are great for keeping your event on schedule and keeping your
audience engaged. They can play as the glue to keep all things together for your event. Emcee services
can cost more than a few hundred dollars alone at other entertainment agencies! We include this
service per request with all of our acts! What a deal!

Outfit Change:
We want to ensure you not only receive great entertainment, we make sure our acts look great too! We
change outfits for each set to give you a fresh fun look. We can also provide themed event costumes per
request as well. So, if you are throwing a 70’s party, or a space themed party, we can and will
accommodate with awesome costumes per request.

We provide, arrange, and/or ensure reliable transportation for our acts. Arriving to the venue safely and
on-time is a top-priority for our acts. So either by plane, train, or automobile, we will get there!

Sound and Lighting:
Sound and up lighting are very important at each and every event. Making sure every guest can hear the
entertainment from the front row to way back in the room is on the top of the list for us when providing
sound. Lighting brings a fun style to your event. We can even match our lighting with event colors!

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